Ningbo Holds Forum on Quality Improvement of Auto Parts Industry

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Yangguang News, Ningbo, November 9 (Reporter Du Jinming, correspondent Jin Song, Qiu Xin, Zhao Wei) A few days ago, the theme forum “Quality Improvement of Ningbo Auto Parts Industry” was successfully held.
The theme of the forum centered on “Helping China to manufacture 2025, cooperation, innovation and win-win” was jointly sponsored by Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission and Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and relied on Ningbo Guojian Trade Facilitation Service Center. Zhejiang Institute of Industry and Commerce, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Ningbo Automobile Parts Industry Association, and China Automobile Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and other multi-powers co-host.
In recent years, Ningbo's auto parts industry has developed rapidly. In 2014, the total industrial output value has surpassed petrochemicals and has become the top 100 billion-class industry in Ningbo. From 2014 to 2017, the annual growth rate of total industrial output value of the Ningbo auto parts industry remained at around 30% for three consecutive years. In 2016, the total output value of enterprises above designated size reached 153.2 billion yuan. The advantages of industrial clusters are significant. At present, Ningbo has more than 4,000 professional manufacturers, more than 30 listed companies (including the new three boards) and about 600 companies. Although the development situation is gratifying, the contradictions between the problems are prominent, mainly reflected in the lack of independent innovation capability at the strategic level. The entry barrier for auto parts is relatively low, and most of them are not core components. The enterprises are less active in formulating standards, involving product development, testing, and benchmarking. There is a serious shortage of scientific research in data establishment and new equipment development.
It is understood that at this forum, the launching ceremony for the "Ningbo Auto Parts Industry Quality Improvement Service Platform" was held. A total of 51 people were established in the Ningbo Automobile Parts Industry Quality Improvement Expert Committee, and 20 leading companies were launched. Single champion companies participate in the Auto Parts Industry Standard Alliance Initiative. A total of more than 100 leaders and technical experts from relevant industry organizations, Ningbo City’s 100 billion-class cultivated enterprises, industry backbone enterprises, famous vehicle manufacturers, automotive parts and accessories, and automotive e-commerce services have been invited to conduct research and development in various fields. Supervisors, universities and test centers attended.
Dong Chao, deputy director of Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, pointed out in his speech at the forum that in order to thoroughly implement the "China Made 2025 Ningbo Platform for Action" deployment and support the construction of a "China Made 2025" pilot demonstration city in Ningbo, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has actively promoted the improvement of manufacturing quality. Service platform construction, jointly planning and formulating the "Ningbo Auto Parts Industry Quality Improvement Service Platform Promotion Plan", planning information early warning, consulting services, testing and certification, standards promotion and industry and trade docking and other functions, the current platform functions have been debugged, will To increase the horsepower of Ningbo's auto manufacturing industry with “high-end, large-scale, and brand-name”.
With this theme forum as a turning point, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will join forces and follow-up will promote a series of important actions to improve quality and promote the construction of Ningbo National Auto Parts Quality Demonstration Zone. The first is intelligence support from expert think tanks. The professional committee for industrial quality improvement organized on the basis of organizing and conducting seven themed salon activities, including "Lean Manufacturing Promotion", "Automobile Technology Seminar" and "Metal Processing Technology Exchange", will carry out many outstanding entrepreneur experience sharing activities. At the same time, it has established an industrial standards alliance and has accelerated its efforts in the development of the "Three Simultaneousness", the drafting of alliance standards, the participation of national standards, and the study of international standards. Second, the new website was upgraded and upgraded. The Ningbo Auto Parts Industry Quality Improvement Service Network will open up a column of public service platforms to integrate information dissemination, information pre-warning, and online consultation functions to provide a full range of high-quality and accurate services for the Ningbo auto parts industry. The third is to carry out consultation and assistance activities. Establish online and offline consulting service interconnection and interaction mechanism, aiming at precise problems in product management, product development, raw materials, and after-sales services, and organize experts to provide technically-optimized "pharmaceutical prescriptions". In the future, 8718 Ningbo auto parts will also be adopted. The special service window, member associations member service, 12365 consultation hotline, and Ningbo Guoguo official website service version and other channels, to carry out comprehensive enterprise-oriented consulting services.
The Ningbo auto parts industry is accelerating into the curve overtaking era. Various relevant departments and enterprises in Ningbo will use this forum activity as a new starting point, continue to seek cross-border exchanges and cooperation between human resources and resources, and communication and coordination mechanisms, and jointly explore the auto parts field. The transformation and upgrading of the development of ideas and methods to promote the auto parts industry to achieve new quality.




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