Sino-US Trade Friction Upgrading Is the auto parts industry affected?

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Recently, trade frictions between China and the United States have attracted much attention. Among the projects proposed by the U.S. Trade Representative Office to impose a 25% additional tariff on China, there are many involved in the automotive sector, in which various components such as car motors, electric drives, and diesel engines are involved. This will affect the choice of future import suppliers for auto parts manufacturers.
In recent years, Ningbo Xusheng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., which has been making frequent efforts in the new energy vehicle industry, mainly exports automotive transmission boxes and other products to the United States and the European Union. As one of Tesla’s core suppliers, Ningbo Xusheng Machinery’s current production plants are still busy and the production line employees are working hard. On April 9, Xusheng shares announced that the US tax collection list had no significant impact on the company. The company currently involves parts and components of individual products on the taxable list. According to the 2017 data, the sales of products in the list account for approximately 10% of the company's total sales revenue, which has no significant impact on the company's sales and profitability. Up to now, the customer has not negotiated with the company on product tariffs.
There are no winners in the trade war. Therefore, in the view of many entrepreneurs, along with China’s growing strength, the trade friction that the United States has initiated will eventually hurt the United States itself. Zhang Zhenglai, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huaxun Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the trade friction between China and the United States at this stage will have minimal impact on China's aluminum alloy core components. After the United States experienced industrial transfer, its domestic aluminum alloy die-casting industry has declined. , And China has replaced the United States as the world's largest aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturing base. If the U.S. government unilaterally imposes trade restrictions on the aluminum alloy die casting industry, it will hurt the U.S.’s own interests.




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